Frequently Asked Questions about San Fernando's favorite tavern.
Do you offer take out?

As of May 17, 2020 we do offer take out.  Our online portal for ordering is the most efficient way to place an order with us as we do not pick up the phone that often while we are working (It’s a bit of a challenge with a mask on)  Online ordering is a magical portal to all that we offer.  Even scheduling delivery. 

Can I make a reservation?

Not at this time, we look forward to when we can offer sit down dining again. 

Is it 21 and over still?
Yes, we are 21 and over at all times. Please be prepared to show valid identification if you look 35 years of younger
Is there parking?
Yes. Free parking on Truman Street entrance.   Street parking on San Fernando Road is metered, they do ticket.
Do you close for holidays?

Yes, we close 6 holidays a year… Thanksgiving Day, Christmas day, New Years day, Easter, Memorial Day, and 4th of July weekend.